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Enjoy our wide variety of Specialty Massages and Body treatments which will take you on a journey of Relaxation & Rejuvenation!

There are different kinds of Massages that correspond to what your body is asking for on any given day and in a constantly evolving field, you can count on new and improved treatments as you lie down on a warm and inviting massage table and kiss stress good-bye.

Maintaining your health is essential in our stressful days of work and family responsibility.

When scheduling a Weekly or Bi weekly massage you allow your body to become stress free, this will allow healing for your Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit!

Massage therapy relieves pain and on a regular basis is a great way of obtaining health maintenace.

Please ask about our affordable weekly or bi weekly sessions.

  ~Therapeutic Massage~ 

  ~Complimentary Aromatherapy

  ~Relax in our Warm and Inviting Atmosphere



                             Donetta Watson, Licensed Massage Therapist      


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